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Fintos Electric Cars is an electric car company based in Ireland.

The Alex eRoadster electric car is Fintos's first production car.  It is an ultra - lightweight 2 seater fully electric car with a revolutionary clamshell style roof/doors allowing for easy entry and exit, while at the same time assisting towards significant savings of overall weight. 

·        500 Km +between charges!

·        0 -100 KPH in under 6 seconds.

·        140 kph - top speed.

·        Comfortable and cutting edge design!!

·        30% lighter.

·        Space age interior.

·        State of the art technology to assist your comfort and driving ability.

·        Fast charging capabilities - 25 - 30 minutes.


This is an electric car that is stylish and functional and that will satisfy the range needs of all.

It really is the ultimate in technological advancement!