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Imagine for a moment you walk up to your car.  As you approach the keyless entry system slowly opens the space-age like roof and doors forward.  You sit in and the roof/door system closes down around you jet-fighter like.  A welcoming voice greets you and asks where you want to go.  Hands on the wheel and away you go on your next great adventure.   

The Alex eRoadster electric car has been in development now for a number of years.  It is an ultra - lightweight 2 seater fully electric car with a revolutionary clamshell style roof/doors allowing for easy entry and exit, while at the same time assisting towards significant savings of overall weight. 

·        500 Km +between charges!

·        0 -100 KPH in under 6 seconds.

·        140 kph - top speed.

·        Comfortable and cutting edge design!!

·        30% lighter.

·        Space age interior.

·        State of the art technology to assist your comfort and driving ability.

·        Fast charging capabilities - 25 - 30 minutes.


This is an electric car that is stylish and functional and that will satisfy the range needs of all.

It really is the ultimate in technological advancement!