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Crowdfunding Campaign Seedrs (not yet live until September 2017* )



In the last two years we have done a lot of work mostly in design, planning, ergonomics, mockups, etc. We are now in a position to start work on building a prototype with production to follow in late 2019.  We have decided to look to crowdfunding as a way of getting the project to this point.  We will be using Seedrs, which is a well respected European equity crowdfunding platform to help us raise the seed funding needed to build the first prototype.

Why equity crowdfunding?
We now need to raise some seed capital to enable us to do more of the groundwork and allow us to make our first prototype.  To get this far we need £100,000.  You may well ask is this enough money to make a prototype? It is after all a car!  The first prototype, while it will look like the finished production car, will not be as refined or as finished technically as the production car.

We like to think of the Alex eRoadster as a car for everyone!  We want you to feel that you can share in our dream.  This is equity crowdfunding with 10% of Fintos Electric Cars, which is  the trading name of Hyper Speed Technologies Ltd) up for grabs, so you can share in our success.  You can invest from as little as £25.
These are changing times in the history of transport as technology makes the change from carbon fuel to electric propulsion.  We hope that you will join us and help write a chapter in that history.
Tom Finnegan CEO Fintos Electric Cars

  • What stage is car at?  While we have already built a working pre-prototype based on Lotus 7 the new car is a very different and more modern if futuristic design.  We now need to build a working prototype of this design.
  • How can I invest? We are working with Seedrs, a leading European equity crowdfunding platform. To invest, simply create an account at and follow the instructions.  You should sign up in advance of the campaign going live if possible.
  • How will I make money? We are offering 10% equity in Hyper Speed Technologies trading as Fintos Electric Cars and project up to a 10 x ROI (return on investment) in 5-7 years upon exit.
  • Who takes care of the administration? All of the administration will be taken care of by Seedrs and you will get a share certificate online when the campaign ends.
  • When can I expect a return? You can expect a return in 5-7 years with a sale of your company.
  • Where will the car be made? The car will be manufactured in Ireland.


Rewards Structure for investors:

First £25,000 investment or over       15% discount off 1 car + *pre-sale test drive + launch invitation

£25,000 + investment thereafter       10% discount off 1 car + *pre-sale test drive + launch invitation

£10,000 - £24,999 investment            5% discount off 1 car + *pre-sale test drive + launch invitation

£5,000 – 9,999 investment                   2.5% off 1 car + launch invitation

Any investment to £4,999                    1% off of 1 car + launch invitation



*NB.  Pre-sale test drives may be limited to one country.  This will be determined by Hyper Speed Technologies Ltd.


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